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ISDE France 2022 | Day 3 Highlights & Results

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Day 3 Loop, Haute-Loire / Lozère / Langogne

USA World Trophy Team

        For the second day in a row the UK is on top. Steve Holcombe and Nathan Watson continue charging and maintain a 2 1/2 minute lead over second place Italy and Spain. Quite a few injuries & incidents today as Spain's Josep Garcia had a gash in his right arm and USA's Kailub Russel had swelling return in his previously injured right knee. But both are heavy contenders and will fight to race another day. Team USA ended up dropping down to fifth in the overall standings as home team France put on an impressive collection times. 

USA Junior World Trophy Team

        In the Junior World Trophy category Italy continues to put on a show and maintain the #1 position ahead of Finland and Australia with a 2 minute total lead. Mateo Oliveira and Austin Walton of Team USA continue to charge hard and hammer down podium-worthy results despite the team being out of contention.

USA Womens World Trophy Team

        For the third straight day the USA dominates the field and extends their overall lead ahead of Great Britain and native France! Brandy Richards finishes the day 2 minutes faster than anyone else with her eyes set on bring that World Trophy back to the US. Could we see a 6 Day sweep by the US ladies? We will have to see...

Anson Maloney (GTBN Team)

        18th overall club, 8th in C2, 6th US Club Rider.

        Although he had a little rough start, Anson finished the day consistent with previous days 18th overall. Halfway through the Six Days of Enduro, "Mojo" Maloney is sitting on an impressive 17th overall position and looks to continue helping his GTBN teammates Jaden Dahners and Travis Reynaud, who collectively stand in 8th position in the Club standings.

Anthony Ferrante (Mojo Team)

        17th overall club, 8th in C1, 5th US Club Rider.

        Now that the Mojo Club Team is out of contention, Anthony is focused on his individual score & improving his test times with his eye on that gold medal.
If you ask him, he had a slow day and he looks to get back into his gold medal speed, but Anthony has 3 more days and is doing a great job keeping up with Anson!

Shane Siebenthall (Mojo Team)

        DNF, Broken Collarbone

        Unfortunately Shane had a bad get-off today in a transfer between tests. After being woken by another rider he got back on his bike and attempted to push on in Test 3, but would have to ride 2 hours back with a broken collarbone and concussion before finally making it to medical. He is well now but of course will be out of contention for the rest of ISDE. He is eager to get back at it and is remaining positive, saying he will be back to settle some unfinished business with ISDE!

Dunlop GeoMax Challenge

        Anson Maloney and Anthony Ferrante remain in the same 3rd and 4th positions of the Dunlop Challenge, which aims to support and promote club riders and teams. While they would rather win a gold medal more than anthything, our Mojo riders will continue to push on and maybe even win some sweet Dunlop tires and Goodies!

        Needless to say, Day 3 of the FIM International Six Days of Enduro has been testing for riders of all categories. While it is unfortunate to see our first-year riders have to pull out of racing, we are excited to see two Mojo riders and ISDE vets keep hammering down and represent their country! Check back in tomorrow for Day 4 as they take on the same loop as today, but maybe a little more muddy with some overcast on the way...

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  • Catari Lacorazza on

    Tell the boys our hearts go to them and a speedy recovery to Anson and Anthony go for it boys over hump day 3 more days very proud of our MOJO boys

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