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Who Won The AMA D36 LAO 2016 KTM 250 XC?

And the winner is.....Taylor Ward!  Congratulations!  A big thanks to all of our MOJO customers who entered the drawing and who also bought raffle tickets for this amazing fundraiser giveaway! We're doing it again for 2017 so stay tuned for more info on next years giveaway. Also a special thanks to Dave Picket with AMA District 36 LAO office. Our public riding areas are under constant threat of closure and Dave is out there fighting for all of us to keep our riding areas open!  It's a big deal, and we are happy to support all of his hard work to make...

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Best Pinch Flat Solutions

Pinch flats.  For those who ride and race dirt bikes, this is one problem that continues to confound all of our attempts to solve it, despite years of experience and modern technology.  To riders, pinch flats are like  Kryptonite to Superman, the heel of Achilles, or Wil Wheaton to Sheldon Cooper.  Last year I attended a Hare Scramble that took place in the desert over rocky terrain, and I was amazed at the number of flat tires that the racers were sustaining.  There was a crew dedicated entirely to changing tires for the participants, and they were at it non-stop...

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AMA District 36 Family Enduro Spring MOJO Footpeg Winners!

Great job Kim and Landon -  We hope you love those MOJO pegs as much as we do! 

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Best Arm Pump Cures

  I was scrolling through some social media dirt bike pages the other day when I noticed a strange photo.  It was a young man’s arm inside a clear plastic tube, with some type of crazy knurled knob on the end of a bolt that was tightened down to apply pressure to the forearm muscle.  “What type of medieval torture device is this?,” I thought, and then I immediately recognized what it was for.  Arm pump.  It was a new device for the treatment of pain and stiffness due to arm pump!  The device is called the 4arm strong device,...

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