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ISDE France 2022 | Day 4 Highlights & Results

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Day 4 Loop (Same as Day 3), Haute-Loire / Lozère / Langogne

USA World Trophy Team

         Great Britain continues to lead after two thirds of the FIM International Six Days of Enduro. Spain's Josep Garcia managed to bring the Spaniards back into second place in the overall standings putting last year's victors Italy into the third place spot. Despite Sweden taking the fifth on the day, the USA remains fifth in the overall standings. It seems that Dante Oliveira had a mishap at some point today, recording a 43 minute time compared to the rest of our team who averaged 39 minutes, but the USA will live to fight another day as they remain very hopeful for a final spot on the podium this year. 

USA Junior World Trophy Team

        The USA's young guns Mateo Oliveira and Austin Walton keep hammering down fast results despite being out of contention as a team from Day 1. But this year it looks to be all about Team Italy in the Junior category as they win yet another day ahead of Finland and Australia, further extending their demanding lead to 3 minutes now.

USA Womens World Trophy Team

        Heartbreak in France for our ladies! Day 4 saw a dramatic change in the Women’s World Trophy competition as our Team USA leader Brandy Richards crashed out and was forced to retire with a concussion and small spleen laceration. Houring out for the day means the US will be out of meaningful contention, allowing Great Britain to taking up the top spot in overall standing ahead of native France and Australia. Brandy is alright now, and we can be sure that she will be back with her eyes set on a proper comeback for next year!

Anson Maloney (GTBN Team)

        18th O/A Club, 7th in C2, 4th US Club Rider   

        Seasoned ISDE racer and Mojo veteran Anson continues building more and more each day on his speed and standings. Putting on consistent test times to record 18th overall for the day, he puts himself at 19th in the total overall standings. He is contributing tremendously to the GTBN Club Team's success as they now sit just outside the top 5 in team competition only 3 1/2 minutes behind fifth place. After getting through today's repeat loop of yesterday's he is excited for fresh grass yet again as they take on new scenery tomorrow morning!

Anthony Ferrante (Mojo Team)

        32nd O/A Club, 14th in C1, 6th US Club Rider

        Young but ISDE-experienced rider Anthony Ferrante continues to represent the USA in fast fashion. Operating as a lone wolf now for the Mojo Motosport Club Team after teammates Josh and Shane were forced to retire, he has no interest in taking it easy on the GasGas with his eyes set on an individual gold medal. With fresh terrain and a motocross track coming up on the final two days expect to see him put it all out there and finish with a bang!

Dunlop GeoMax Challenge

        Day 4 festivities saw our very own Anson Maloney take the 2nd place position from XC Gear Club Team's Kai Aiello in overall standing for the Dunlop Geomax Challenge. All who remains in front in the standing is XC Gear's Tyler Vore who is less than a minute in front now. While this challenge is not the main focus of any rider, it serves as a nice side challenge for those who chose to enter. Anthony Ferrante remains in the 4th position and will look to enter Anson's previous number 3 position soon...

        It should be noted that while our other Mojo Club Team riders Josh Chassaing and Shane Siebenthall are out of the rest of ISDE contention, they continue cheering on Anson and Anthony as much as possible with hopes to see their teammates tear up the French fields!

        Pre race course reports show Day 5 will likely be the most demanding on the riders with nearly all offroad, technical transfers. To make things more interesting tomorrow's weather report is showing rain. Our US riders are more than capable of riding whatever they can throw at them, but the added challenge on the final long day before the Day 6 moto test will certainly keep things interesting. Check in tomorrow!

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    Thanks for the update hope Drandy has a speedy recorory and she comes but kicking ass

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