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ISDE France 2022 | Day 2 Highlights & Results


ISDE France 2022 | Day 2 Highlights & Results


ISDE France 2022 | Day 2 Highlights & Results

Day 2 Loop (Same as Day 1), Haute-Loire / Haut-Allier / Gévaudan

USA World Trophy Team

        Day 2 of Six Days was all about Great Britain. Honda rider Nathan Watson was leading the charge allowing the UK to take the top position heading into Day 3 tomorrow. Team Spain struggled, dropping down to third place in the standings, while the US of A stays consistent in the fourth place spot led by Dante Oliveira, eager to gain ground and get a taste of the podium position. 

USA Junior World Trophy Team

        It is now confirmed that the US Junior Trophy Team is out of the running for anything other than last place after Cody Barnes had mechanical issues with his Honda during Day 1 yesterday, rendering him out for the rest of the following days. Regardless, Mateo Oliveira and Auston Walton look to keep up the pace and go out with a bang! Team Italy remains on top after two days followed by Finland and Great Britain.

USA Womens World Trophy Team

        The ladies of the US continue a tremendous title defense after winning the second day of the event! Brandy Richards leads the charge to put the USA 3 minutes faster than second place Great Britain in high hopes of keeping the Womens World Trophy stateside where it belongs.

Anson Maloney (GTBN Team)

        19th overall club, 7th in C2, 4th US Club Rider.

        Anson was excited to start on an earlier minute today after Day 1 results. He was also excited to be on the same minute as US rider Tyler Vore. This made the day go much smoother as riders are getting pared up based on test times rather than random order. Any who have done an Enduro know it's always fun to ride the same minute with a buddy so you can help support each other & push each other through the sections of the race day. Day 3 is all new & Anson can't wait to hit some fresh transfers & special tests.

Anthony Ferrante (Mojo Team)

        25th overall club, 13th in C1, 6th US Club Rider.

        Anthony mentioned the tests were much rougher than yesterday, but he managed to stay consistent & off the ground for the 178mi day. He's still running towards the top of the club team times & will have an early minute for Day 3 tomorrow. With a good nights rest & a little more intensity on the bike, we're confident he'll deliver with the An-fron-tango speed we know he has in the tank! To help pump up his intensity we may have found an extra cowbell to make sure he can hear us cheering at each test tomorrow..

Shane Siebenthall (Mojo Team)

        91st overall club, 37th in C1, 14th US Club Rider.

        Shane rode another consistent day for Day 2. After a recent wrist injury, we knew he'd have to fight through the pain to make it through each day. He did exactly that today & brought home a respectable finish for Day 2. With some therapy, ice, & Ibuprofen we'll help him keep the wrist in shape so he can continue putting in constant days. Of all the riders, Shane is most excited for some fresh trail tomorrow & less chop on the wrist. 

Josh Chassaing (Mojo Team)


        Josh has been battling a sickness since just before race start on Sunday. Unfortunately at test 3 today, after many crashes, he decided the right call was to pull out from the race rather than risk injury. Josh will continue to support the entire US team but from a support position rather than on the bike. Debilitating sickness can happen from time to time when traveling to a foreign country. We're just as bummed out as he is that it happened to him this year. He's learned a lot in his week in France from bike prep, to ISDE logistics, to seeing what 180mi of an ISDE feels like. We hope this trip & unfortunate circumstance gives him the drive & the need to come back for redemption! 

Dunlop GeoMax Challenge

        The Dunlop Geomax Challenge, introduced for the 2021 edition in Italy, aims to support and promote club and amateur riders. Free and open to any individual registration with no constraints. The only requirement is to ride with EN91 tyres to access benefits:

  • Special 6 Days tyre package offer
  • Official Dunlop rider’s kit
  • The chance to race an additional challenge and to be part of the Official Podium Ceremony
  • Exclusive prizes for the top five positions

        As the results stand after Day 2, both Anson Maloney Anthony Ferrante sit in the 3rd and 4th place spots out of 24 registered riders, not far behind XC GEAR Club Team's Tyler Vore and Kai Aello. Shane Siebenthall is also registered sitting in the Top 10 at 9th place. It will be interesting to see how this challenge progresses! 

        Unfortunately the Mojo Motosport Club Team will be out for the running as a team, but the rest of our riders are still in great standings and picking up the pace into Day 3. Tomorrow is a completely new course for Days 3-4 and the riders are ready to ride something new/will appreciate the less blown out tests & change of scenery. With a little rain hitting today, we'll see how the weather holds out. Tests & transfers could get very interesting later on in the week.... Stay tuned!

By Owen Gorsuch
Anson Maloney, Anthony Ferrante, France, ISDE, Josh Chassaing, MojoClubTeam, MojoRaceTeam, Owen Gorsuch, Shane Siebenthall, Team USA
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