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WEEK 10 – Specbolt Week 2021 GasGas EX350F MojoMotoSport Bike Build Giveaway

Derek Blais Giveaway Specbolt

12 weeks of product giveaways leading up to the Grand Prize Drawing of a brand new loaded 2021 GasGas EX350F!

It’s week 10 of our huge dirt bike giveaway, so be sure you enter to win!  Your entry not only puts you in the running for a brand new GasGas EX350F and a £843.99 Leatt shopping spree, but you can win one of our awesome weekly prizes as well.  This week our winner gets to score TWO prizes from our week 10 partner, Specbolt

What is it that makes some bikes just look better than others?  How do they achieve that special factory look?  Here’s a hint: It’s attention to detail.  That’s right, every little part matters when you want your bike to look and perform better than all of your buddies’ bikes AND the competition.  That’s where Specbolt comes in. 

Specbolt is the expert when it comes to fasteners for your dirt bike.  They have complete kits for virtually any make and model, plus engine kits, bushings, hub bolts, plastics fastener kits, and restoration kits for your vintage project bike.  They even have fasteners for ATVs and street bikes.  Here at Mojo, we love to dress our bikes up with Specbolt’s Nickel Wurks bolts, nuts, and washers.  Even better, pick up one of their 250 piece Bolt Kits specifically made for your model line of bike.  Specbolt’s fasteners look awesome plus they perform significantly better than factory engineered stock bolts. 


This week’s winner gets 2 prizes from Specbolt:

Specbolt Nickel Wurks Kit (£71.99) – Get a bolt kit for your bike that shines like bling and outperforms your stock fasteners! Included in these kits are nickel plated hardware plus drilled & anodized aluminum washers to give your machine that factory look, but at a much better price point than Titanium.

Specbolt 250 piece Bolt Kit (£45.99) – Custom created by Specbolt for your bike's model range. This kit will make your bike look and perform its best.  These kits are a must have for the garage & moto box. You’ll want one for every motorcycle you own!

Fasteners are something many riders don’t think about until they fail or get lost.  But don’t worry, because Specbolt has all of your fastener needs covered.  Order yours at today and enter to win our weekly and Grand Prize drawings.  Good luck and as always, GET YOUR MOJO ON!

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