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WEEK 9 – No Toil Week 2021 GasGas EX350F MojoMotoSport Bike Build Giveaway

Derek Blais Giveaway No Toil

12 weeks of product giveaways leading up to the Grand Prize Drawing of a brand new loaded 2021 GasGas EX350F!

Enter to win during our week 9 drawing now!  Your entry gives you a chance to win a brand new GasGas EX350F or a £843.99 Leatt shopping spree, plus you could win 12 different weekly prizes.  Our randomly drawn winner this week gets their choice of awesome products from No Toil Industries worth up to £210.99.

Back in 1998, No Toil decided to revolutionize air filter maintenance.  They now offer a wide range of products that keep your dirt bike breathing fresh, clean air.  A clean air filter does two things for your engine:  it maximizes performance and extends longevity.  Not only do No Toil products clean your air filter better than anything else, they’re also friendlier for the environment!  That’s a win for everybody.

This week’s winner gets to choose which No Toil product they want:

No Toil Super-Flo Kit (£64.99) – If you want to increase throttle response and horsepower, this is the kit for you!  No Toil’s Super-Flo Kit has a flame-resistant air filter, so you can safely remove your bike’s stock backfire screen and dramatically increase airflow through your engine.

No Toil Wash Kit (£33.99) – Get your bike and air box spic and span with the No Toil Wash Kit.  It includes an Air Box Cover to protect your engine, and an exhaust plug to protect the outlet side as well.  

No Toil Extreme Filter (£28.99) – If you ride desert or dunes, you need a finer filter to stop sand and dust.  That’s what the Extreme Filter is for- extreme conditions.  It’s built with dual-stage foam to stop large and smaller particles in their tracks to keep them out of your engine.

No Toil Fast Filters (£28.99) – Swap out your air filter FAST with the No Toil Fast Filter!  This filter is No Toil’s famous single stage construction, plus it is pre-treated with Evolution Filter Oil.  All you have to do is install it and go ride!  Includes gloves to keep your hands clean during the replacement.

If your air filter could use some maintenance, this could be your lucky week!   Good luck and as always, GET YOUR MOJO ON!

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