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MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Portugal | Day 5

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By: Derek Blais | November 13th, 2019

MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Edition 7 – Day 5

The storm on the afternoon of day 4 left the area pretty well soaked. This resulted in slippery conditions for the racers in the morning, but eventually gave way to dry, dusty conditions later in the day. The Americans continued their dominance of this year’s ISDE on Day 5, leaving them poised to podium in every team category and individually as well, depending upon their performances on the shorter day 6! Here’s the details after 5 days of enduro racing:

Men’s World Trophy Team
The U.S. team won day 5 by 35 seconds, and continues to lead the Australians by 2:02.52 and the Italian team by 11:57.30. A good performance in the final motocross race will seal the deal. Here’s how the men rank in the overall individually:

Ryan Sipes – E1 2nd place overall 6:23.26 seconds behind leader Josep Garcia
Taylor Robert – E2 1st place overall
Kailub Russell – E2 2nd place overall 1:22.72 seconds behind Robert
Steward Baylor – E3 3rd place overall 9:46.43 behind leader

Women’s World Trophy
The American Women’s World Trophy Team won day 5, stretching their lead by over three minutes! The German women remain in second place, behind by 8:35.22. Great Britain is still in third place, behind the lead by 18:18.88. Here’s how the U.S. women are doing in the individual overall rankings:

Brandy Richards - EW 2nd place overall 1:16.67 behind leader Maria Franke
Rebecca Sheets – EW 6th place overall 13:27.45 behind leader
Tarah Gieger - EW 8th place overall 16:37.36 behind leader

Junior World Trophy
The Junior World Trophy team won day 5 and kept their second place position in the overall behind the Australians and ahead of the Italians. They currently trail the Australian team by 8:39.20. Here are their individual overall rankings after day three:

Joshua Toth – E1 10th place (+1) overall 14:37.41 behind leader
Grant Baylor – E2 6th place overall 6:17.10 behind leader
Ben Kelley – E2 9th place overall 7:27.44 seconds behind leader

U.S.A. Club Teams
Here’s how the U.S.A. Club Teams are performing out of 124 teams at the 2019 ISDE:

XC Gear Club Team – 1st place overall
Gas Gas USA Club Team – 8th place (+1) overall 44:31.18 behind leader
MojoMotoSport Club Team – 13th place (+1) overall 52:28.94 back of leading team
Elizabeth Scott Community Club Team – 32nd place (+2) overall 1:45:25.38 behind leader
Eric Cleveland Memorial Club Team – 50th place (-33) overall 3:01:40.31 behind leader
Missouri Mudders Club Team – 74th place overall 7:31:25.46 behind leader
AMA District 37 Club Team – 119th place overall 15:49:27.01 back of leader

Anson Maloney has been battling sickness this week, but continues to ride fast and pit well. Here’s how the MojoMotoSport Club Team members are performing individually in the overall:

Anson “Mojo” Maloney – C2 22nd place (+1) overall 21:42.83 behind leader
Joshua Knight – C2 18th place overall 18:30.68 behind leader
Tanner Whipple - C3 12th place (-1) overall 13:24.98 behind leader

One more day to go for the 2019 edition of the ISDE. The final day is one 87 kilometer lap* featuring a single fast motocross-style test that’s super entertaining for the crowd. Just knowing that it’s the last day of this grueling race should give the racers a little extra boost to ride hard and get to the finish line. Let’s hope the American men, women, and machines can bring it in to the end safely!


*Last minute changes moved the moto test across the street to the go-cart track.

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