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MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Portugal | Day 6

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By: Derek Blais | November 17th, 2019

MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Edition 8 – Day 6


The 2019 ISDE is over, and the American contingent has exceeded all expectations!  The good ol’ U.S.A. finished this year’s event with overall wins in three out of the four team events, and the best performance for our country in the history of this prestigious event.  The final day was changed at the last minute from the traditional motocross test to basically a dirt road test with a hastily constructed table top criss crossing the pavement of the local autodrome go-kart track.  The key for the leaders was to just finish the day without making any mistakes, and to ride smooth and fast.  The Americans were able to do just that, and ended their race in a cloud of burnt rubber celebrating victory!  Here’s a final rundown of the overall results for the Americans by class:


Men’s World Trophy Team

The American Men’s World Trophy Team won the ISDE for only the second time ever this year!  Fast and consistent riding by all four members allowed them to finish only 1:45.34 ahead of the Australians and 12:37.50 ahead of the Italian team. Here’s how the men finished in the overall by class individually:


Ryan Sipes – E1 2nd place overall 6:38.27 seconds behind winner Josep Garcia

Taylor Robert – E2 1st place overall

Kailub Russell – E2 2nd place overall only 1:40.65 behind Robert

Steward Baylor – E3 3rd place overall 10:25.82 behind winner Daniel Sanders


Women’s World Trophy

The American Women’s World Trophy Team also won the team overall, snapping a six-year win streak by the Australians!  The German women claimed second place, behind by 8:51.21. Great Britain came in third place, behind the lead by 18:55.73. Here’s how the U.S. women ended up in the individual overall rankings:


Brandy Richards - EW 2nd place overall only 1:09.95 behind winner Maria Franke

Rebecca Sheets – EW 6th place overall 14:38.49 back

Tarah Gieger - EW 8th place overall 16:37.36 behind


Junior World Trophy

The Junior World Trophy team raced exceptionally well, and rode fast all the way to the finish.  Unfortunately, they weren’t able to do enough for the win, but finished in second place 9:13.94 back of the Australian squad.  Spain picked up a third-place finish, 28:49.31 out from the lead.  Here are the U.S. Junior Team’s individual overall rankings after six days of enduro:


Joshua Toth – E1 10th place overall 15:21.17 behind winner Josep Garcia

Grant Baylor – E2 6th place overall 6:31.57 behind winner Taylor Robert

Ben Kelley – E2 9th place overall 7:58.00 seconds back


U.S.A. Club Teams

Here’s how the U.S.A. Club Teams ended up out of 124 teams at the 2019 ISDE:


XC Gear Club Team – 1st place overall, solid performance winning by 18 minutes over 2nd place

Gas Gas USA Club Team – 8th place overall 47:33.02 behind winner

MojoMotoSport Club Team – 12th place overall 56:06.03 back of winner

Elizabeth Scott Community Club Team – 31st place overall 2:18:04.19 behind winner

Eric Cleveland Memorial Club Team – 46th place overall 3:04:09.17 behind winner

Missouri Mudders Club Team – 79th place overall 10:22:04.77 behind winner

AMA District 37 Club Team – 120th place overall 21:26:27.00 back of winner


Here’s how the MojoMotoSport Club Team members finished in their classes individually overall:


Anson “Mojo” Maloney – C2 20th place overall 22:34.73 behind winner Antoine Meo

Joshua Knight – C2 18th place overall 19:34.10 behind winner

Tanner Whipple - C3 12th place overall 14:36.71 behind winner Cortes Bernat


Other notable American finishers included:


JT Baker – C3 2nd place overall only 1:03.20 behind Bernat

Dante Oliveira – C2 2nd place overall only 38.46 seconds behind Meo

Ricky Russell – C2 3rd place overall 3:04.73 behind winner


The results for the American team this year are simply unbelievable with 3 team wins, a team 2nd place, and 8 individual podium appearances! 


In our next MojoMotoSport Club Team Report, we’ll wrap up the 2019 ISDE with thoughts from MojoMotoSport.com and Club Team manager Nathan Burt, plus we’ll check in with team rider Anson Maloney to see how the experience was for him over in Portugal.  An awesome effort and an equally awesome result for team U.S.A.!!



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