MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Italia 2021 Edition 6 (Day 5)


MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Italia 2021 Edition 6 (Day 5)


MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Italia 2021 Edition 6 (Day 5)


By: Derek Blais | September 3rd, 2021


Day 5 of racing in the 2021 International Six Days of Enduro is over.  The brutal pace of this race is starting to take its toll, with a couple of injured American riders.  Austin Walton from the Junior World Trophy Team is out with a broken scapula, and today one of our fastest club riders, Tyler Vore, crashed in the first test section.  He suffered broken ribs, a wrist, and may have torn his MCL in his knee.  This dropped the NHHA/NGPC/D37 Club Team way down from top ten to 72nd position, and with a rider out they’ll drop further after the Moto Test tomorrow.  Here’s where everybody stands after Day 5:

The American World Trophy Team is still in 3rd place behind Italy and Spain. Finishing order was Robert, Michael, Girroir, and Sipes.  A three-minute deficit behind Spain virtually ensures that 3rd is the best they can finish, barring any catastrophes tomorrow.

In Women’s World Trophy, the Americans stretched out their lead another 2 ½ minutes to 13 minutes 55 seconds faster than Great Britain, and 15 minutes over 3rd place Spain.  Brandy Richards should complete her goal of becoming the fastest female rider at the 2021 ISDE tomorrow.  Great accomplishment!

The Junior World Trophy Team slid from 4th down to 11th with the loss of Austin Walton. 

The loss of Tyler Vore shook up the top 10 in the Club Team standings today.  GTBN chugs along in 3rd place.  On a positive note, the MojoMotoSport Club Team has moved up into the top 5!  What a great effort from our guys, we couldn’t be more proud.  Here’s where the American Teams are currently ranked after Day 5:


GTBN – 3rd Position

MojoMotoSport Team – 5th position (+1)

Trail Pros. US Sprint Enduro – 7th position (+1)

Eric Cleveland Memorial – 10th position

Elizabeth Scott Community – 26th position (+1)

Missouri Mudders – 30th position (+1)

NGPC/NHHA/D37 – 72nd position (-67)


 Anson Maloney - 16th in Class, 32nd Overall

Josh Knight - 19th in Class, 36th Overall

Anthony Ferrante - 33rd in Class, 78th Overall

One more day to go for the American racers, with a shorter day tomorrow.  Their task is to complete the Moto style test in front of a crowd of crazy Italian fans without any major mistakes.  You can watch it live on Facebook, just search FIM ISDE.

By Derek Blais
Derek Blais, ISDE, Italy

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