MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Italia 2021 Edition 5 (Day 4)


MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Italia 2021 Edition 5 (Day 4)


MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Italia 2021 Edition 5 (Day 4)


By: Derek Blais | September 2nd, 2021

Day 4 of racing in the 2021 International Six Days of Enduro has been completed.  The racers explored a new loop and tests, which looked very dry and dusty.  Overall the team still looks very strong, and the racers continue to press forward.  No huge mistakes, injuries, or mechanical failures.  Here’s where everybody stands after Day4:

The American World Trophy Team is still in 3rd place behind Italy and Spain. They lost two minutes against the Italians and three minutes to the Spanish Team, 7 minutes out of the lead.  Finishing order was Robert, Michael, Sipes, and Girroir.  The men are currently 2 ½ minutes ahead of 4th place Team Sweden.  With mistake-free riding the next two days, they should be standing on the box.  Italy’s Andrea Verona and Spain’s Josep Garcia are the men to beat in the Individual hunt this year, showing dazzling speed each and every day so far.  Verona took the honor of fastest racer on Day 4.

In Women’s World Trophy, the Americans stretched out their lead another 2 ½ minutes to 11 minutes 34 seconds faster than Great Britain, and 13 1/2 minutes over 3rd place Spain.  Brandy Richards continues to dominate, almost 2 minutes faster than every other woman on the course. Keep it up ladies!

The Junior World Trophy Team gave up 2nd place and moved down to 4th.  It looks like Austin Walton had some issues, with a completion time about 10 minutes off the average pace. Reports indicate he suffered a broken scapula.  This will take the U.S. Junior Team out of the running for the 2021 Trophy.  Great team effort, but that’s racing.  Cody Barnes and Dante Oliveira will continue to race for individual medals.

No big surprises or changes in the Club Team racing as most of the riders are hitting their stride.  The Trail Pros. And Eric Cleveland Teams each lost a position, while the Elizabeth Scott Community Team gained two positions.  Here’s where the American Teams are currently ranked after Day 4:


GTBN – 3rd Position

NGPC/NHHA/D37 – 5th position

MojoMotoSport Team – 6th position

Trail Pros. US Sprint Enduro – 8th position (+1)

Eric Cleveland Memorial – 10th position (+1)

Elizabeth Scott Community – 27th position (-2)

Missouri Mudders – 31st position


The MojoMotoSport Club Team continues onward with fast rides!  All three team members were within a minute of each other in total time for Day 4.  Anthony Ferrante moved up 7 spots in the Overall today.  Great job!  After four days of racing, here’s how the men are doing on an individual basis out of 468 club riders:

Anson Maloney – 12th in C2 class, 27th overall

Josh Knight – 17th in C2 class, 41st overall

Anthony Ferrante – 16th in C1 class, 44th overall

Day 5 will be over the same loop as Day 4, with a few changes regarding the test sections.  Should be pretty straightforward looking ahead to the moto style final test on Day 6. 

By Derek Blais
Derek Blais, ISDE, Italy

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