MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Italia 2021 Edition 4 (Day 3)


MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Italia 2021 Edition 4 (Day 3)


MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Italia 2021 Edition 4 (Day 3)


By: Derek Blais | September 1st, 2021

Day 3 of the 2021 International Six Days of Enduro is wrapped up, and the U.S. Team is still in the hunt for the win in every team category!  Today was the final trip over the first course layout, and it was definitely more treacherous and mangled after over 2000 motorcycles went over it.  Despite this fact, the U.S. riders put in another quality day of work.  Here’s where they stand at the halfway point:

The American World Trophy Team is still in 3rd place behind Italy and Spain.  All four riders were consistent and fast, finishing within 2 minutes of each other.  Finish order was Robert, Girroir, Michael, and Sipes.  They are now 5 minutes 8 seconds back from the Italian team, and 1 minute 48 seconds behind Spain.

In Women’s World Trophy, the Americans lengthened their lead to 8 minutes 55 seconds faster than Great Britain, and nearly 10 minutes over 3rd place Spain.  Brandy Richards continues to dominate, which is making a huge difference.  Great job so far.

The Junior World Trophy Team remains in 2nd place with more quick and consistent riding.  They are now 3 minutes 9 seconds behind the Italian team, and 2 minutes ahead of Team France, who sits in 3rd. 

The Club Team racing was pretty straightforward, with little movement at the top half of the standings.  The U.S. Club Teams all held their positions from yesterday, except for the Missouri Mudders, who lost one position.  Here’s where they’re currently ranked after Day 3:


GTBN – 3rd Position

NGPC/NHHA/D37 – 5th position

MojoMotoSport Team – 6th position

Trail Pros. US Sprint Enduro – 7th position

Eric Cleveland Memorial – 9th position

Elizabeth Scott Community – 29th position

Missouri Mudders – 31st position (+1)


The MojoMotoSport Club Team continues to impress with quickness, consistency, and a great attitude!  Anson had a crash during cross test 4 today, but he is riding as well as he ever has at this year’s Six Days.  Josh and Anthony are riding solid and pushing as hard as they can.  Great effort from these three is netting great results.  After three days of racing, here’s how the men are doing on an individual level out of 468 club riders:

Anson Maloney – 11th in C2 class, 27th overall

Josh Knight – 19th in C2 class, 44th overall

Anthony Ferrante – 17th in C1 class, 51st overall

Day 4 should be a welcome change for the weary riders.  They get to ride on the 198-kilometer loop 2, and race on all new tests!  Fatigue could start to be a factor as the Six Days begins to take a toll on the racers, who need to buckle down and not make any serious mistakes that could cost them individually, or their team.

All in all, at the halfway point the American team is in great position to win a ton of medals.  Let’s hope they can keep this momentum going and finish strong.  GO TEAM U.S.A.!!


By Derek Blais
Derek Blais, ISDE, Italy

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