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Twin Air Fuel Tank Filter YZ/WR 250/450F ('18-'22) | 160623

Twin Air SKU: 716-0623
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  • This should be a must for all of the new sensitive fuel injected bikes today, the 25-micron nylon fuel filter strains out dirt and debris that could clog the injectors or fuel pumps.
  • Twin Airƒ??s latest product features a custom shaped adaptor for each model that fits securely under the gas cap, creating a leak-proof seal.
  • The filter media traps dirt or debris that can enter into your fuel system from refueling.

Yamaha WR 250F (2020-2022)
Yamaha WR 450F (2019-2022)
Yamaha YZ 250F (2019-2022)
Yamaha YZ 450F (2018-2022)