TM Designworks - Yamaha WR(F)/YZ(FX) Extreme Full Coverage Skid Plate With Link Guard | YALG-265

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The best full coverage skid plate with Integrated Link guard on the market today.
Composite impact absorbing plastic with silicone additive to reduce friction grab.
TMD skid plates are designed to allow maximum frame flex.
Our skid plates are 30-40% lighter then aluminum and reduce the amount engine noise bounced back to the rider.
Tested and used by Ampro Yamaha, KTM-RPM Off-road, Coastal Husqvarna, KR4,, Honda Canada.
All hardware is 100% replaceable.
This is a new revised version. Better frame and side case coverage.

YAMAHA (16-18) YZFX & WRF 450
YAMAHA (15-19) YZFX & WRF 250