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TM Designworks - Suzuki - Rear Disc Guard Fin | RDP-SUZ

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  • TM Designworks rear disc protector is the first design to maximize performance using the stock mounting tab.
  • Used exclusively by Team Suzuki Offroad in winning Multiple Gncc championship with Josh Strang and rodney smith.
  • Features Return Memory System to absorb heavy impact  unlike other heavy aluminum protectors do.
  • Now in 3 color options Red, Black, and Yellow.
  • This disc protector is the only design to give side as well as frontal impact protection against rocks and debris.
  • The only disc protector that will not add sprung weight to the rear wheel.
  • Induction slots move air flow and have been race tested to improve air cooling to the rear disc.

SUZUKI (05-08) RM 125 & 250
SUZUKI (07-19) RMZ 250
SUZUKI (05-19) RMZ 450
SUZUKI (10-19) RMX 450