TM Designworks - Kawasaki Rear Rotor & Caliper Guard Kit | RDP-KXF

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  • TMD's newest Brake Caliper and disc Protector Guard kit is a real piece of art.
  • Precision made to aerospace quality to reduce wieght and heat treated for extra strength.
  • Return memory rear disc plastic protection absorbs impact and protects side and leading disc edge.
  • Air flow to disc lowers heat and top caliper guard protects body from side impacts and dirt on top.
  • Comes complete with new OEM brake caliper mounting plate in clear anodize.
  • Comes with new stock brake mount plate with our race tested upper caliper mount.
  • Available in KX Green & Black.

05-19 KX250F
06-18 KX450F
08-09 KLX 450
21-22 KX 250, 250X, 450X 4 stroke

Models below come stock with a 250mm rotor. Fitment requires replacement with a 240mm rotor:
KAWASAKI (20) KX 250F ***(Requires 240mm rotor)
KAWASAKI (19-20) KX 450F ***(Requires 240mm rotor)
KAWASAKI (21) KX 450 4 stroke ***(Requires 240mm rotor)