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Specbolt - KTM Nickel Wurks Kit

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Specbolt works closely with fastener manufacturers to design and produce the highest quality motorcycle fasteners available.


  • The Specbolt Nickel Würks kit is designed to help you maintain, restore, and most importantly bling out and upgrade your original KTM OEM  fasteners.
  • These Würks style bolts are exact factory size with dish head for increased strength. 
  • The Würks bolts meet and exceed the factory specs. 
  • Heat treated and nickel plated to look great, resist corrosion, and last the life of your motorcycle.
  • They are also stronger and lighter than stainless steel bolts as well.
  • Kit includes bolts for plastics/bodywork, Ejot course thread bodywork screws, full sprocket bolt set, rotor bolts, seat, triple clamp, radiator bolts, exhaust, an assortment of clutch and ignition cover & crankcase bolts up to 40mm long, M6, M8, & M10 flange nuts typically used on top end, collar washers, shouldered shroud bolts, and many more pieces.
  • CNC factory drilled washers anodized in orange. Including, bodywork bushings, exhaust collars and bushings, & the hard to find under-fender seat bushing found on some KTM models.  
  • Anodized washers only available in orange at this time. *For blue, order the Husqvarna Nickel Wurks Kit
  • *Please call for any questions regarding nickel plated specialty bolts required for your model. Extras available at anytime. Contact 800-892-0550