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Ride Engineering - KX250F - Performance Link - RDE-KX-LKA32-GN

Ride Engineering SKU: RDE-KX-LKA32-GN
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Now available for the 2017+ KX250f, this link improves handling in flat or off-camber turns, and it allows the rear end to squat so the wheel follows the ground better-a much better match with the 2017+ shock and swingarm. Less effort is required to initiate turn-in resulting in a better handling bike, the shock handles the bumps better, there is more traction upon acceleration and the front to rear balance is improved. This link keeps the bike going straight in whoops and the back end more planted in breaking bumps. Recommended sag with the Rideng Link is 100-106mm.

Application: 2017-2020 KX250F

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