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Ride Engineering - KTM/Husqvarna/GasGas - Performance Link - KT-LKA49-BA

Ride Engineering SKU: RDE-KT-LKA49-BA
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This product is designed to balance out the chassis on these KTM & Husqvarna models. The link is 1.3mm longer than stock and will lower the back end 7mm and help keep the bike more balanced off jump faces and over rough terrain. This link reduces wallowing, puts more preload on the shock spring and helps the shock use the full range of travel.

Husqvarna owners, Ride Engineering's performance link has a new application on the FE 250/350/450/501 '14-'16. It will lower the rear on any of these models 33mm (1 1/4")! Set the fork between 12-15mm from flush and use around 100mm of sag. If you're a vertically challenged desert rider, this set up handled good in the dry loose dirt, ate up the hard pack whoops and still provided a cushy ride. Best of all while riding back home its much easier to reach the ground at traffic lights. Husqvarna redesigned the FEs in 2017 and each model rides about 13mm lower (1/2") stock. This same link will lower these models: FE 250/350/450/501 '17-'18; TE 150/250/300 '17-'18; 19-20mm (3/4") as the center knuckle has remained unchanged. If you own a '17 or '18, set the sag between 100-105 and slide the forks up 10-12mm in the triple clamps.


KTM: 2015.5-2020.5 SX250F/450F FACTORY EDITION - 2016-2020 SX-F/XC-F 250/350F/450F; 2016-2020 SX125/150; 2017-2020 XC250/XC300

Husky: 2014-2019 FE250/350/450/501; 2017-2019 TE150/250/300; 2016-2020 FC 250/350/450; 2016-2020 TC125; 2017-2020 TC250/TX300/FX350/FX450

GasGas 125/250/300/350/450 EC/EX (21-22)