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Ride Engineering - Billet Front Brake Caliper

Ride Engineering SKU: RDE-MX-BC000-CA
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This product is all about improving the braking performance of modern day dirt bikes. Ride Engineering's billet caliper achieves this with larger pistons, a solid, flex free body and with cooling fins that allow air to pass completely through. Not only does it increase braking power similar to an over-sized rotor kit, but the feel and modulation on how it applies the pressure to the brake pads is what's really unique. Initially the lever feels softer, and with less effort the connection between your finger tips and the front tire is greatly improved. Add a Ride Eng. 270mm rotor and braided steel line to eliminate fade for the ultimate braking package.

2002-2021 CR125/CR250/CRF250R/CRF450R/CRF450RX
2006-2021 CRF250X/450X
2006-2021 KX250F/450F
2007-2011 KLX450R
2002-2021 YZ125/250/YZ125X/YZ250X
2002-2021 YZ250F/YZ450F
2004-2021 WR250F/450F
2015-2021 YZ250FX/450FX
2001-2007 RM125/250
2007-2021 RM250Z/450Z

2016+ WR/FX (2015+ WR250F/250FX) but the 3/8" master cylinder must be upgraded to 11mm (ie:2015 WR450f). Weighs the same as a stock caliper.
(Must be used with an 11mm Front Master Cylinder. If the caliper hits any part of the stock brake hanger, either file off the obstruction or install a Ride Eng. Brake Hanger bracket)

2019+ Honda Models will require Ride Engineering's 270mm front rotor kit w/ caliper relocation bracket HERE