Renthal R-Works Fatbar36 Handlebars

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Presenting uncompromising performance, the R-Works badge from Renthal® combines the ultimate materials and manufacturing process to bring you the very best performance product. The R-Works Fatbar36 is the ultimate lightweight motocross handlebar. Renthal's 36Tech handlebar standard and proprietary Zarilium material are combined to produce a high-strength handlebar at the lowest possible weight, 36% lighter than the standard 28mm diameter Fatbar.

  • Neither 22mm nor 28mm clamps will work with the Renthal® R-Works Fatbar36 handlebars. New 36Tech bar mounts must be purchased separately to fit the handlebars to your original triple clamps.
  • Zarilium features 20% greater tensile strength than 7010-T6 aluminum
  • Handlebar tapers to 22mm at each end to work with standard controls
  • 36mm clamping diameter improves torsional security by 59%.
  • The vertical measurement (Bm) from the center line of the mounting diameter to the center of the end of the bars is always 4mm lower when comparing dimensions to Twinwall and Fatbars
  • The vertical measurement (Bv) from the baseline of the Fatbar36 to the center of the end of the bar is the true height of the Fatbar36 when comparing to a Twinwall or Fatbar.
Bend Width Bm Height Bv Height Rise Sweep
RC / Honda 804 104 60 130 54
Reed / Windham 803 98 68 124 56
MCGRATH / KTM SX125-450 2016> / Suzuki 2018> 813 78 38 105 54
Villopoto / Stewart / HON CRF 2018-21 807 93 51 130 49
KTM SX/SX-F 09-12 SUZI RM/RMZ 18-20/YAM YZ-F 18-21 806 85 48 124 56