Rabaconda Adventure Tire Changer Kit

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Revolutionary Kit for ADV and dual-sport tire changes 

Taking the hassle and guess-work out of the equation

Designed by riders for riders, Rabaconda is simple, portable and handy: assemble the kit, pop your wheel on, and change the tire with ease. Beloved by professional racers and weekend warriors alike, Rabaconda makes tire changes – and life – that much easier.

You’ll love it because Rabaconda will:

  • Help you get control back – no more begging and grovelling to your friends to help you.
  • Save tons of cash on dealer tire changes in the long run.
  • Save time on travelling to the dealer and back (and spend it riding instead!)
  • Empower yourself to change your own tires whenever you need to.
  • Allow you to buy whatever tires you want, not the ones the dealer is pushing.
  • Help you to use your tires strategically – switch to the correct tires for the terrain you’re in, every time you hit the trails.
  • Eliminate busted knuckles, back pain, and the 5-gallon buckets that come with the territory when you’re changing your tires the old school way.
  • Help you break the tire bead without damaging it.

The KIT includes: 


  • Comfortable working height
  • No more backache or working on your knees
  • Compact and easily assembled in seconds, no tools needed
  • Tire can be removed completely by pushing it down with the bead breaker
  • Excellent grip on any surface and uneven ground
  • Works on tubeless, mousse, Tubliss and regular tube set ups
  • Rigid and durable construction
  • Light weight
  • Tire lever tray at comfortable height
  • Strong Cordura 1000D carry-bag for comfortable and compact storage
  • Quick-release bolts for fast switching between wheel sizes
  • Bead breaker positioning system
  • Oval profile lever with good grip
  • Premium quality product. Made in EU.

Technical Info

  • Suitable for wheel sizes 16-21 inches
  • Carry-bag dimensions: 27.5 x 11 x 10 inches
  • Materials: galvanised and powder coated steel, anodised T6061-T6 aluminium
  • Working level (wheel height): 20 inches
  • Weight (incl. bag): 37 lbs
  • Hub bearings diameter: 20-28 mm
  • Center axle diameter: 20-26mm (other dimensions offered as add-ons);


  • Rubber feet provide excellent grip on any surface
  • 3 Standing points allow for work on uneven ground
  • Now a tire lever tray included for convenient access and storage
  • Spindle chamfer for locking larger hub bearing adaptors
  • Tube caps riveted to the feet
  • Large flange nuts for stronger fixing of wheel supports
  • Pre assembled quick release bolts