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Pro Taper Race Spec MX Front Sprocket Yamaha/Kawasaki 250-500 ('82-06)

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ProTaper Race Spec (RS) Front Sprockets are CNC machined and internally broached to precise tolerances from case-hardened, core-refined chromoly steel. Computer engineering ensures precise fitment, optimal weight savings, and perfect balance. The result is minimal chain drag, maximum horsepower, and uncompromising strength. A proprietary coating further reduces wear and corrosion, yielding a front sprocket unparalleled in the market.

  • Core refined 655M13 nickel-chrome-molybdenum alloy steel
  • Internal broaching and precision machined to exact tolerances
  • Lightening holes reduce rotating weight
  • Self-cleaning mud grooves prevent dirt build up
  • Specially formulated coating retains strength and wear-resistance.

Kawasaki KDX200 83-06 
Kawasaki KDX200R 97-01 
Kawasaki KDX220R 02-05 
Kawasaki KDX250 91-94 
Kawasaki KLX250R 94-96
Kawasaki KLX300R 97-02
Kawasaki KX250 88-98
Kawasaki KX500 88-04
Yamaha WR250 91-97
Yamaha WR500 92-93
Yamaha YZ250 88-98
Yamaha YZ490 82-90