Precision - Parabolic 1-1/8 bar complete Yamaha YZ125 YZ250 (2 STROKE)

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  • Unique bell curve damping
  • Improved traction out of corners by keeping the rear end compliant
  • Does not mount in a dangerous position over the bars to cause injury to your chest or chin
  • Does not raise your handlebars at all in most applications
    Can be used with: Stock, Shock & Vibe, BRP, and PHDS clamps in multiple positions
  • Can be used with standard handlebars or Flexx Bars, no razed crossbar needed
  • Allows you to run a bar pad for your protection and still adjust the damper with it on
  • Fully greased and sealed linkage (no lubricating with dirt) wear adjustable linkage to ensure there is no slop in the steering
This damper has 20 low speed adjustments with detente clicks and 12 high speed adjustments with lobe clicks.  The linkage is greased and sealed with a rubber boot for long life and is adjustable for wear.  The unit as shown weighs aprox. 1.2 Lb (544 grams)