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No-Toil - Honda CR Wash Kit | WK120-43

No Toil SKU: 901-12043K
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No Toil Bike Wash Kit includes an injection molded plastic wash cover with a thick rubber seal, a sample bottle of No-Toil Air Box Cleaner and an exhaust plug.

Keep water out of your engine and get your air box clean inside and out. The No-Toil Bike wash kit provides excellent protection from water with the Air Box Cover and Exhaust Plug. While the Air Box Cleaner makes sure to clean any and all grease, grime and gunk out of the inside of your air box.

CR 125 1989-2001
CR 125 2002-2007
CR 250 1989-2001
CR 250 2002-2007
CR 500 1989-2001