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Michelin Desert Race Baja Rear Tire

Michelin SKU: 87-9526
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  • MICHELIN® Desert Race Baja The professional’s choice for Rally and Baja racing
  • Increased void ratio and reduced weight compared to the MICHELIN® Desert Race tire
  • Reinforced tread blocks and optimized architecture deliver increased traction in soft terrain, and a 500g weight reduction in unsprung mass compared to the MICHELIN® Desert Race tire
  • Optimized knobs for enhanced grip and traction
  • Directional V-shaped central knobs offer maximum traction in deep sand while knob radius and clearance angles deliver maximum braking support
  • Proven performance by world-champion racing teams
  • Developed and tested by Red Bull® KTM® Factory Racing and Rockstar Energy®
  • Husqvarna® Factory Racing rally teams earning top podium finishes in five prestigious rallies in 2019 including DAKAR and Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge
  • Excellent high-speed stability
  • The DOT and FIM-approved knobby rear tire provides tremendous high-speed stability in sandy conditions(1)