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Leatt 6.5 Velocity SNX Iriz Goggles V23

Leatt SKU: LEATT-8023020800
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The answer to your question? Yes! Our goggles are bulletproof, they can take impacts like no other, allowing you to look ahead without fear, perfect fit and cool looks that won’t break the bank. They meet all the design criteria we set out when we started developing these for you.

With a rigid outer frame, and soft inner, our top-line goggle is hard to beat.

Extended face foam, vented permanent anti-fog, bullet proof, great designs and less than 20 seconds to replace a lens, these features make our goggles a great choice at a great price.

Peace of mind with perfect vision and protection of your eyes, allowing you to enjoy the ride.

• Bulletproof 170° WideVision Mirror (Iriz) Lens
• Snowmobile extended face foam and nose guard
• Snowmobile vented Permanent Anti-Fog Double Lens
• Easy clip-in/out lens change
• Self-draining open lower frame design allows snow to fall from lens
• Out-riggers with a 50mm anti-slip coated strap
• Tapered custom shape to fit even those difficult helmets
• OTG – Over-the-glasses fit
• Removable Triple-layer, dual-density comfort face foam and anti-sweat
fleece backing
• Removable snowmobile nose guard
• Bulletproof Lens impact tested to:
• • ANSI Z87.1-2015
• • Military Ballistic Impact Standard (MIL-DTL-43511D)
• Certified CE EN 1938 :2010
• Optional lenses available from 26-83% light transmission (VLT)