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MOJO Kawasaki Folding Clutch/Brake Lever Set KX250/450(X) | MOJO-KAW-LS1

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These ultra tough, folding clutch and brake levers are the last set of levers you will ever have to buy! CNC billet machined from a solid chunk of 6061-T6 aluminum, they are designed to withstand the harshest abuse. If you do manage to break one, we really hope you are OK, because we know it must have been one nasty get off - but no problem, with our LIFETIME WARRANTY we will replace it for FREE!


- Precision CNC Billet Machined for a perfect fit
- Folding design specifically engineered to significantly reduce the chances of breaking
- Adjustable lever distance to bar to fit your preference
- Enhanced brake/clutch feel 
- Ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue, easy finger tip pull
- Anodized Kawasaki Green, Blue, Black, and Red 
- Stainless Steel hardware

Awesome looking, functional, and affordable!

We've got your back with our LIFETIME WARRANTY!

(2019-2023) KX450/(X)
(2022-2023) KX250/(X)