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TM Designworks - Kawasaki Factory Edition #2 Rear Chain Guide | RCG-KX5

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For over thirty years, TM Designworks has been manufacturing innovative and unique products in the motorcycle industry. TMD has been recognized as the leader in chain slide-n-glide technology.


  • The Kawasaki KX5 model features less weight for MX, and extreme off road impact durability.
  • A must have purchase for all 2009-2020 KXF 250/450 owners.
  • Recommended as the must have-product by MXA and most other Motorcycle-online publications.
  • Compatible with up to 51 tooth sprockets, both dual and single piece designs, and any size 520 chain.
  • Low cost replaceable wear pad is available in 2 compounds, specifically for MX or offroad. 
  • The KX5 is the only impact resistant plastic CUSTOM formula with RMS (return memory plastic) to absorb impacts.
  • Exclusive plastic formula is the only guide with UV protection + Oil additives to reduce chain drag and chain wear.
  • 1-Year replacement breakage warranty on the chain guide body in the USA only.
  • Available in 3 perfect color matches: black, green, and blue.

KAWASAKI (09-22) KXF 250/(X)
KAWASAKI (09-22) KXF 450/(X)
KAWASAKI (13-22) KLX450