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HRF 2018.5 - 2022 KTM 250-450 SXF WHIP MOUNT

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This whip mount will fit the 2018.5 KTM 450 SXF Factory Edition and the 2019-2022 KTM 250SXF, 350SXF, 450SXF, 250 XCF, 350 XCF, & 450 XCF. It bolts up under the rear fender between the muffler and the sub-frame. It comes with longer bolts if needed.
This whip mount will also work on the 2018.5 Husky FC450 factory editon, 2019-2021 Husky FC250-450 models as well.

NOTE: The HRF quick release flag holder shown on whip mount is sold separately.