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To maintain a traditional feel while absorbing abuse and catastrophic impacts. Tunable to your preferences through assorted elastomers, you control how soft or stiff the Flexx Handlebar is.

Fasst Company focuses on two areas; The first is absorbing abuse without sacrificing control or feel. The second is ergonomics. Fasst Company spends more time on ergonomics than any other brand. Between these two areas of focus, it's surprising how much comfort can be added to your time on the bike.

**Available for 1 1/8" bar mounts only, will not work for 7/8" bar mounts.


  1. Controlled and Consistent 
  2. Tunable 
  3. Dramatically reduces vibration 
  4. 100% American Made 

What's in the box
    -Black handlebar pad
    -3 sets of Compression Elastomers
    -2 set of Rebound Elastomers

Notable Dimensions:
- On dirt bikes we see a big range of bar bends, most common back sweeps being either a 10 degree, 12 degree, or 14 degree. Traditionally a taller rider will benefit from a straighter bar, it opens the ergos up and allows more operating room. Inversely, a smaller rider will appreciate a bar with a little more back sweep to tailor the ergos to a shorter wing span.

- All Enduro and Moto bends offer 9” of handle room, over an inch more than a traditional bar.

- Enduro bar is 31 inches wide. Moto bar is 32 inches wide.

- Low bar is 63mm tall, this bar has to be ran with a sub mounted steering damper. It was designed to offset the height and bring you back near stock bar height.

- Standard height bar is 92mm tall. Tall bar is 116mm.