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DDC RK Chain and Lightweight Steel Sprocket Kit

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Front Teeth
Rear Teeth


DDC Racing GasGas motorcycle sprockets are 100% made in the USA by passionate riders and are guaranteed for one year! 

DDC Lightweight Steel Rear Sprocket Features:

  • The ultimate in durability. This is the longest lasting sprocket you can buy... period! 
  • Lightweight and stylish design.
  • 1 year warranty - If you are superhuman and can wear it out then DDC will gladly replace it!
  • Built in the USA by hardcore off-road riders who actually ride!  Come ride with us! 
  • Unmatched quality and strength

MojoMotoSport Countershaft Sprocket:

  • Precision broached and machined to the strictest standards
  • Case-hardened chromoly steel
  • Lightening holes reduce rotating weight
  • Self-cleaning mud grooves prevent dirt build up
  • Etched teeth number for easy identification

RK 520MXZ4 (120 Link)

  • Pin Length: 17.70mm
  • Tensile Strength: 8,800 ft/lbs
  • Engine Displacement: Recommended for use up to 500cc Off-Road
  • Seal Type: None


    RK's Premier 520EXW Chain(120 Link)

    • Pin Length: 20.8mm
    • Tensile Strength: 7,700 ft/lbs
    • Engine Displacement: Recommend for use on bikes up to 750cc (off-road)
    • Seal Type: XW-ring

     (2021-Current) All GasGas Models 125cc and larger
    • (1991-Current) All KTM 2-strokes 125cc and larger

    • (1999-Current) All KTM 4-strokes 250cc to 690cc
    • (2000-2014) All Husaberg models
    • (2014-Current) All 2-stroke Husqvarna models  *Does not fit 2014 Italian Husqvarna models
    • (2014-Current) All 4-stroke Husqvarna models. *Does not fit 2014 Italian Husqvarna models