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ZRT - Zero Resistance Throttle Kawasaki/Suzuki/Yamaha 4T | ZRT-002

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The Zero Resistance Throttle is a revolutionary new Patent Pending Throttle assembly.
How does it work? Simply put, there are 2 radial ball bearings on each end of the tube. One located inside the throttle housing and one on the end of the handle bars. This gives the throttle assembly ultra smooth action and life long longevity.

What can it do for you? It will give you that “freshy” new bike feeling forever. Unlike traditional plastic throttle tubes, the weight of the rider either pushing or pulling on the throttle will create “friction”. The longer this goes on, the more the throttle and handle bars deteriorate. If we insert two bearings here, the friction is eliminated, making your throttle assembly ultra smooth. And, it is virtually a maintenance free product.

Is it tough? Oh yes it is. It is tough as nails. And, it has been tested by the best that the North East Off Road scene has to offer. Just ask Kyle Hangos, Jason Connell, Curt White, Pro National MX Rider Corey Ridel Pro Supercross rider Bryant DeBoard and the list goes on and on. All these guys run roost guards. Their Throttle end is exposed and they need a reliable throttle that will not break on them if they crash.

Can you use Bark Busters? Yes. There is a special bar end manufactured out of Stainless Steel specifically for Bark Busters. Just take the throttle tube end cap off and you can run Bark Busters.

Installation takes about 15 minutes and will require 1/2 inch cut off the end of the bars.