Carbon Up Armor KTM/HUS/GAS Clutch Cover | CRBN-1500

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Carbon Up Armor's clutch cover is made using the newest carbon fiber infusion process for increased damage resistance and weight reduction. It is able to withstand repeated blows from sledgehammers so you can trust it to survive the harshest riding conditions all while being lighter than aluminum and cast covers.

Clutch cover is designed with enough clearance to work with automatic clutches. This extra volume also has the benefit of holding more oil than the stock cover.


  • Exceptionally tough carbon fiber infused thermoplastic construction
  • Lightweight design over cast & billet covers
  • Clearance for auto clutches
  • Increased oil capacity
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Includes:
    - Clutch Cover
    - Gasket
    - Metal Sleeves
    - Sleeve Installation Tool

Replacement Gaskets

Replacement Installation Tool & Sleeve Kit