BBR HD Shock Spring CRF150R / CR80/85R / KLX140L/G | 660-HCR-8005

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Honda CRF150R (2007-Present)
Honda CR80/85 (1996-Present)
Kawasaki KLX140L (2008-Present)
Kawasaki KLX140G (2017-Present)
  • Custom developed by BBR for adult backyard racers and aggressive mini riders
  • Most models are 30% stiffer than stock and stress relieved for long life
  • Custom wound from aircraft quality spring steel
  • Powder coated finish
  • Spring rate: 6.2 kg

CRF150R (standard wheel) shock spring overview:
Honda optional soft 4.8kg
Standard 5.0kg
Honda optional stiff 5.2kg
BBR optional stiff (660-HCR-8005) 6.2kg

CRF150RB (Expert/Big Wheel) shock spring overview:
Honda Optional Soft 4.8kg
Honda Optional Soft 5.0kg
Standard 5.2kg
Honda Optional Stiff 5.4kg
BBR optional stiff (660-HCR-8005) 6.2kg

Note: For KLX 140 applications, this spring will only fit the KLX140L & G. It is not for use in the standard KLX140.