BBR High Rev CDI Unit CRF150F CRF230F | 451-HCF-1501

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Honda CRF150F (2003-2005)
Honda CRF230F (2003-Present)
Fits CRF150F ('03-'05) and CRF230F ('03-Present). Eliminates the 9800 rpm rev limiter and provides a hotter advance curve.
  • Allows a higher rpm limit to fully take advantage of engine modifications
  • Eliminates 9800 rpm rev limiter
  • Direct replacement for the OEM CDI ignition box
  • Ignition advance curve is optimized to work with engine modifications
  • These items are designed exclusively for closed course competition use ONLY. Use on public lands or highways in the state of California is illegal

If you have a '06-Present CRF150F use 451-HCF-1502