BBR KLX/DRZ110 Forged Output Shaft w/1st Gear | 411-KLX-1150

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Developed for the BBR race team, this forged shaft is the strongest available on the market. A must have for high-horsepower motors. Comes with a forged, high-strength 1st gear. The end oiling-hole has been eliminated and the shaft is grooved for proper oiling of 1st gear. 1st gear also rides on a bushing. We consider this to be the strongest design available.

Why use a forging? Experts agree that a forged shaft, of identical material, will be stronger than a cast or machined shaft (billet). The reason is that the grain of the material is aligned with the shape of the shaft with a forging. On a machined shaft, unidirectional grain flow has been cut when changing contour, exposing grain ends. This renders the material more liable to fatigue and more sensitive to stress corrosion cracking. Want to learn more about forgings? Hit your favorite search engine and type in forged versus billet. You'll find many articles describing why forgings are the best choice for formed shafts (especially gear shafts). SAE and the Forging Industry Association all have peer reviewed engineering research papers comparing the two processes.