BBR Chain Guide XR/CRF80/100 | 345-HXR-1011

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Honda XR/CRF80/100 (1985-2013)
BBR's best selling chain guide, for the CRF/XR80 and CRF/XR100, gets an update! The old design was one of the first products BBR made for the XR100. After nearly 20 years they've updated the design to perform better, and last longer.

BBR has increased the thickness of the aluminum side plates and given it a modern look with see through cutouts. That allows for quickly clean out of crud - plus it looks like modern big-bike style chain guides. The side plates are anodized in black with a silver chamfer and the "BBR" logo is laser etched. Modern, dished flange-head bolts replace the button head allen bolts of the old design. HDPE plastic feeds the chain onto the rear sprocket to prevent tossing the chain. Tossed chains often result in broken engine cases - not to mention lost races.
  • Fully wraps the chain to guide it into the rear sprocket unlike the flimsy stock guard
  • Helps prevent chain derailment and engine case damage
  • Anodized 6061 plates, HDPE buffer blocks and stainless hardware make this a tough, good-looking, essential piece of equipment
  • Fits CRF/XR80/100 OEM swingarms