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BBR +7" ExtendedBrake Cable KLX/DRZ/TTR110 | 513-KLX-1102

BBR SKU: 80-9617
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New extra long cable for tall handlebars or long travel suspension on the KLX110. Works great on the KLX110L with taller than stock handlbars.

  • 7 inches longer than the KLX/DRZ110 (Non-L)/TTR110, 08-Presentmodel OEM cable
  • Better than OEM quality

- Kawasaki
2021 KLX110R
2021 KLX110R L
2002-2020 KLX110
2010-2020 KLX110L
- Suzuki
2003-2005 DR-Z110
2008-Current TTR110