Alpinestars Bionic 5S Youth Knee Brace

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Anatomically profiled for a youth fit, the Bionic 5S Youth Knee Brace has been designed to be lightweight, breathable, flexible, comfortable and protective. Featuring an innovative hybrid frame construction consisting of a flexible composite over-injected on a high performance fiber reinforced polymer, this brace provides optimal structural integrity and support while being ultra-lightweight and adaptive.

• Lightweight and highly ventilated knee protector offers strong impact force dispersion and absorption while ensuring maximum coverage area in all riding positions.

• Knee Protector: EN 1621-1:2012 LEVEL 1

• The frame system reduces the risk of sustaining injuries to:
• The medial and lateral collateral ligament
• The anterior and posterior cruciate ligament
• The lateral and medial meniscus
• Slim ergonomic design for riding comfort during dynamic movement.
• Extremely stable slim-design four-point hinge system perfectly follows the articulation of the knee.
• Replacement knee cups available as a spare part.