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Acerbis X-Power Case Saver Kit Beta RR 250/300 ('18-UP) | 278067

ACERBIS SKU: 27806-70004
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  • Motor Crankcase and Ignition/Clutch covers that protect against wear from boots, impacts, dirt, mud, and other debris
  • Right side: provides protection for the clutch cover, water pump, and lower casing
  • Left side: provides protection to the ignition cover and clutch actuator
  • Molded openings to access the filter cover and oil cap
  • Easy to install by utilizing the original crankcase and ignition/clutch cover bolts
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Designed not to interfere with boots
  • Compatible with ACERBIS skid plates

- BETA RR 2T 250 2020-UP
- BETA RR 2T 250 RC 2018-UP
- BETA RR 2T 250 X-TRAINER 2018-UP
- BETA RR 2T 300 2020-UP
- BETA RR 2T 300 RC 2018-UP
- BETA RR 2T 300 X-TRAINER 2018-UP