Acerbis Full Plastic Kit Husqvarna TE(i)/FE '20+

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35 years of experience with the best off-road racers in the world has enriched Acerbis' constant technical development, allowing them to become a premier company within the motorcycle industry. This accomplishment is not an end, but rather a base from which Acerbis will continue to research and develop the best products to meet the needs of every rider who mounts a dirt bike. Acerbis' commitment is 360 Degrees, involving its entire staff, who are driven by a unique and extraordinary passion. They are proud of their unifying commitment, and are motivated to keep growing and satisfying motorcyclists and champions from all over the world.

The Acerbis plastic kit is an easy and affordable way to replace all of your motorcycle plastics in one easy purchase.

  • All plastics included in the Acerbis plastic kit have the original factory shape of the selected bike model.
  • Kits include front and rear fender, lower fork covers, radiator shrouds, side panels (except where noted) and airbox covers (where applicable).
  • Some kits include front number plate (this means some kits DO include a number plate and some DO NOT include a number plate; it depends on fitment).
  • Plastics are pre-drilled for easy stock installation.
  • Made of high-quality, Italian-made plastic, for color-stay and long-lasting durability.
  • Acerbis plastic kits are available in O.E.M. colors, solid colors, or all black. 
  • All Acerbis plastic kits marked "Original" will be the original factory colors.
  • Note: Images are for reference only, actual O.E.M. plastics reflect original two tone color patterns where applicable.

Husqvarna FE 250 2020 to 2022
Husqvarna FE 350 2020 to 2022
Husqvarna FE 450 2020 to 2022
Husqvarna FE 501 2020 to 2022
Husqvarna TE 150i 2020 to 2022
Husqvarna TE 250i 2020 to 2022
Husqvarna TE 300i 2020 to 2022