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Acerbis Chain Block/Slider Kit 2.0 Kawasaki KX250/450X ('19-UP) | 273495

ACERBIS SKU: 27349-50006
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  • The Acerbis chain guide, replacing the original component, guarantees greater impact resistance thanks to the high-strength plastic material.
  • The guide is made in two pieces: the body and the slide, the latter replaceable once worn, also allowing you not to have to disassemble the chain when replacing the slide or the guide itself.
  • The controlled elasticity structure of the guide absorbs shocks and minimizes damage to the chain and crown.

- KAWASAKI KX 250 4T 2021 2022
- KAWASAKI KX 250 X 2021 2022
- KAWASAKI KX 450 4T 2020 2021 2022
- KAWASAKI KX 450 F 2019
- KAWASAKI KX 450 X 2021 2022