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WEEK 11 - ZRT & Core Moto | MojoMotoSport Bike Build Giveaway, 2020 KTM 450 XC-F

Derek Blais Giveaway

By: Derek Blais | December 7th, 2020

For our week 11 prize giveaway, we’ve partnered up with ZRT and Core Moto.  If you’re looking to upgrade the controls on your bike, this is the week for you!  Drawing winners will receive their choice of either a ZRT Throttle Tube kit worth up to £191.99 OR a Core Moto Brake Line Kit valued up to £104.99.  Both prizes are serious upgrades to any dirt bike.

ZRT (Zero Resistance Throttle)

We all love the feeling of the throttle on a brand-new dirt bike.  But what happens to a traditional plastic throttle tube over time?  Rider weight and friction tear up the sleeve and handlebar, making your throttle sticky, harder to turn and more difficult to use.  This increases rider fatigue and arm pump.  What’s the solution to this issue? A ZRT Throttle Tube.  ZRT Kits install in about 15 minutes and feature a dual ball bearing design that keeps your throttle smooth as butter for the life of your bike.  This is the last throttle tube you’ll ever have to buy!

Core Moto

Let’s face it, factory brake components on dirt bikes aren’t the best available.  One of the best ways to improve the braking on your dirt bike AND make it look factory is to upgrade your brake lines.  Core Moto is the #1 manufacturer of aftermarket brake lines in America for all kinds of motorcycles, and they also manufacture brake parts, sprockets, and wheels.  A Core Moto brake line kit comes with a Lifetime Warranty, and features stainless steel construction and a wide variety of color choices.  In business since 2006, Core Moto machines all of their stainless steel components right here in the U.S.A.  Make your bike look awesome and stop on a dime with Core Moto brake lines!

If the controls on your dirt bike are under par, your riding is going to suffer.  Fatigue, arm pump, and frustration will get worse.  Installing a ZRT Throttle Tube will cure your throttle issues for good, and Core Moto brake lines will make your brakes perform with no fade while making your bike look totally unique.  Make sure to enter this week’s drawing to score these great products, or if you simply can’t wait just go to MojoMotoSport.com and get your ZRT and Core Moto products right now!


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