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MojoMotoSport Club Team Report – ISDE Italia 2021 Edition 1 (Pre-Race)

Derek Blais ISDE Italy

By: Derek Blais | August 27th, 2021

The International Six Days of Enduro, or ISDE, is the Olympics of off-road motorcycle racing.  This year marks the 95th time that the world has gathered to determine which country has the best off-road riders on the globe.  The race runs from August 30 through September 4, and takes place this year between Lombardy and Piedmont in Northern Italy. 

Each country fields many teams to compete in this event.  First, they select a four-man team of their fastest male riders, called the World Trophy Team.  Then, they select their three fastest women for the Women’s World Trophy Team.  Thirdly, three male riders under 23 years old are selected for the Junior World Trophy Team.  These teams will compete against the best from over 30 countries to try to win a gold medal.

The U.S. World Trophy team this year is Ryan Sipes (GasGas), Taylor Robert (KTM), Johnny Girroir (GasGas), and Layne Michael (Yamaha).

U.S. Women’s World Trophy team is Brandy Richards (KTM), Rachel Gutish (Beta), and Britney Gallegos (Husqvarna).

Our Junior World Trophy team is Cody Barnes (Honda), Dante Oliveira (KTM), and Austin Walton (Husqvarna).

In addition to the Trophy Teams, each nation’s governing body (for the U.S. it’s the AMA) organizes several AMATEUR three-man Club Teams, including one made of over 40-year old riders.  The United States is sending 21 riders to compete in 7 teams for the Club Cup.  Club Teams are primarily funded by their Title Sponsors and donations from fans and family of the riders.

Special thank you to all who purchased an Anson Maloney or Anthony Ferrante fundraising T-Shirt this summer!Team manager, Megan Johnson applying the final touches to the race bikes.


MojoMotoSport is proud to sponsor one of the U.S. ISDE Club teams again this year!  The MojoMotoSport  Club Team consists of Anson (Mojo) Maloney (KTM), Anthony Ferrante (GasGas), and Josh Knight (Sherco).  They’ll be competing in the C2 class going for the gold medal.

Mojo Club Team Anson Maloney (Left), Josh Knight (Middle), Anthony Ferrante (Right)

Six Days of racing with difficult and fast Special Test sections and a moto-style test on the last day are in the future of all of the racers.  But that isn’t the full extent of this event.  Every rider is responsible for their own maintenance and repairs on their own bike. Racers are under pressure to not only ride fast, but to keep their bike in good running condition in order to finish the event. Mechanical repairs and maintenance are made during a timed period after each day including filter, oil, tire changes and any unplanned repairs that may need to be made. In 2019 we spectacularly witnessed an air filter change, front and rear tire change and fork swap in under 11 minutes by Mojo Club Team rider Anson Maloney. That’s what makes this one of the most challenging events on the planet.

Pre-race bike prep and practice. During the event, no outside assistance is allowed.

Team U.S.A. is the will be defending their Gold Medals in World Trophy, Women’s World Trophy, and Club Cup this year.  Last time out in Portugal was America’s most successful ISDE showing of all time.  Can we defend these titles AND win the gold in Junior World Trophy?  It’s a tall order, but why not?  This could be our most talented team ever.  Stay tuned for daily reports on the ISDE, and GO TEAM U.S.A.!!


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