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Yoshimura Alpha Slip-On Exhaust For Kawasaki ZX 10R RR (2016-2020) | 141824M220

Yoshimura SKU: 960-1359
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The new ZX-10R from Kawasaki and the Yoshimura Alpha 3/4 race systems are a perfect match up and the performance that is gained will make this WSB inspired 988cc dragon breath fire!

All three of our Alpha 3/4 systems increase power and torque over the entire spectrum. Along with the new found power, the Alpha muffler sound really makes the new ZX-10R come alive. These systems remove the heavy stock components thus radically reducing weight while increasing performance.

  • Style - Beautiful Shape resulting from Tri-Oval design heritage
  • Quality - Unrivaled fit and finish due to improved production tolerances
  • Performance - Optimized for maximum flow and improved ground clearance
  • Sound - Muffler volume and shape produces that magic tone Yoshimura is famous for
  • Service - Optimized for durability and ease of service
  • System incorporates 02 bung
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs lighter than stock configuration


  • Kawasaki ZX 10R RR 2016
  • Kawasaki ZX 10R RR 2017
  • Kawasaki ZX 10R RR 2018
  • Kawasaki ZX 10R RR 2019
  • Kawasaki ZX 10R RR 2020