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TM Designworks - Honda Powerlip Chain Roller PLR-570

TM Designworks SKU: TMD-HON-PLR-570-RED
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  • Powerlip Roller Fits Honda Upper or Lower Location. 
  • This is a single roller, not a pair.
  • Superior replacement compared to stock component.
  • Improve drive train speed and tension accuracy over other aftermarket rollers.
  • Low friction material lowers drag without transferring heat.
  • Exclusive Powerlip™ design makes the chain run fast and true.
  • Sealed bearings are ABEC & 9002 ISO rated for superior rolling and long life.
  • New bike specific mounting hardware is included.
  • This is not a universal roller.

HONDA (05-07) CR 125R & 250R lower
HONDA (05-09) (12-14) (16-17) CRF 250R lower
HONDA (14-17) CRF 250R upper
HONDA (18-21) CRF 250R upper or lower
HONDA (19-21) CRF 250RX upper or lower
HONDA (06-17) CRF 250X upper or lower
HONDA (2012) CRF 450R lower
HONDA (2016) CRF 450R upper
HONDA (17-21) CRF 450R & RX upper or lower
HONDA (19-21) CRF 450X & 450L upper or lower