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SXS Burly Handguard Shields Full Kit for Flexx Bars

SXS SKU: SXS-D910-D904
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The complete set up for SXS Handguards! This kit includes:

This is the BURLY guard!!!! Built out of full 1/4″ UHMW slideplate material. Replaces stock KTM/Husky flimsy hand shields and also mounts to your Flexx Bar pivot pin for extra support!

Fight trees with ease!!! Save your knuckles without the burden and fear of wrist or arm injury due to aluminum wrapping style guards.

Includes 2 shields which bolt to your stock KTM/Husky/Sherco handguard mounts and two bolts with spacers that mount to your Flexx Bars. Simply remove your stock shields and replace them with the BURLY guards!!!! 

Add on some SXS Shield Graphics for the ultimate factory look!