Ride Engineering - Honda - 22mm Offset Triple Clamps - Black - CR-BTB23-BA

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These CRF triple clamps have been completely redesigned for 2017. They fit both the previous 48mm and the new 49mm KYB forks. Riders with pre 2017 models will gain the benefits Honda put into the stock 2017 triple clamps, plus the following. Riders with 2017 models will 1) gain a more comfortable bar position 5mm lower and 3mm forward; 2) Weight savings is 5 oz lighter than stock; 3) Not only are they made from 2024 Aluminum which is the same alloy the factory teams use but the whole area where the bottom clamp wraps around the forks has been designed to flex and work with the front suspension. 3) We have three offsets to choose from to customize the handling of your bike.". Use our 7/8 or Over-sized bar mounts to add strength, torsional rigidity and handlebar adjustability - 3mm forward or 3mm back of stock (can also be used with stock 7/8" bar mounts).


Double check our fitment guide HERE


Included in kit: Top clamp, Bottom clamp, Pressed in stem and Lower bearing. best use: MX - WORCS - DR