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Pirelli SCORPION XC Mid Soft Terrain Tires

Pirelli SKU: 871-7113
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Cross country from soft to medium surfaces
The winning cross-country tire for mid-soft conditions.

Puts you in your zone and atop the podium
All NHS (Not for Highway service) motorcycle tires are only for pure racing and cannot be used on public roads. Therefore there is no official homologation.

  • Specifically for use on Enduro motorcycles in cross-country configurations
  • Excellent for routes with jumps, in the mud and through vegetation
  • Polyester carcass with controlled deformation to ensure an ample footprint for maximum effectiveness of traction and braking
  • Optimised grip and steering precision thanks to small rigid blocks on the front tire
  • Racing compound with high performance during the entire competition, no matter the track conditions
  • Carcass and pattern evolved from the experience of the world motocross championship

Front Tread design

  • Tall, stiff knob blocks
  • Designed for softer terrain
  • Maximum turning precision on soft terrain

Rear Tread design

  • Rear tire with V-shaped knob layout maximizes traction in mid-soft conditions
  • Stability in acceleration and braking
  • Incredible straight line traction and drive

Tread Compound

  • Compound derived from the SCORPION™ MX32™ line-up
  • Maximum thermal and mechanical resistance to prevent cuts and rips
  • Constant performance for the entire tire lifecycle