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Pirelli SCORPION TRAIL II Dual Sport Tires

Pirelli SKU: 871-6061
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A new path for adventure
Designed for the latest generation of adventure-touring and Enduro street motorcycles, SCORPION™ Trail II combines the best features of sport-touring and dirt-road motorcycle tires

A Sport touring equipment with dirt-road capabilities

  • Aggressive off-road look with Sport touring and Enduro performance blended into one product
  • Bi-Compound
  • Increased mileage
  • Top level handling throughout the entire life
  • Improved wet performance

Rear tread compound

  • Bi-Compound
  • Adaptive tire performance: Increased mileage and enhanced grip on wet surfaces

Tyre contour and carcass structure

  • Sport Touring-derived contour and structure
  • Optimized contact patch area
  • Outstanding dynamic output in a broad range of riding conditions including riding with bags and/or pillion passenger

Tread design

  • Tread pattern merges road-oriented features with dirt-road capabilities
  • Efficient water evacuation
  • Confident feeling on wet surfaces
  • Enhanced dirt-road traction and line-holding